Colocation and Dedicated Server Support Policy

Free Business Hour Support:
All colocation and dedicated servers come with great free support.  We provide you with 1 hour FREE remote hands or local access to your colo server at the datacenter.  Requirement: All free support requests must open a ticket before 2PM CST during business hours for same day remote hands requests.   

Priority Same Day Support:
We also offer 1 hour or less priority support.  Rates are $25 every half hour.

Escorted Access Cancel Fee:
All escorted access require a 1 hour cancel notice.  If you cancel or reset without a 1 hour notice a no show fee of $50 will apply.


Examples of free support: (doesn’t require unracking)

  • Remote Reboots
  • Basic Remote Troubleshooting of server
  • Insertion of media (USB/DVD/CD)
  • Basic Troubleshooting of servers that won’t boot
  • Adding or removing hot-swap components, like HDS
  • Moving cables around
  • Configuring of KVM/IPMI / or bios changes
  • Free KVM rental, first come first served.


Examples of tasks performed for an additional fee: (requires unracking) 

  • Internal Hard Driver Replacement = $25/per half hour
  • CPU Replacement = $25/half hour
  • Memory Replacement = $25/half hour
  • Motherboard Replacement = $25/half hour
  • OS Installs or Reinstalls = $15 per OS
  • Advanced Troubleshooting = $25/half hour
  • Configure Raid = $25/half hour


After Business Hour Support:

**After Business Hours and Holiday rates are $150/hour**
Any task performed afterhours is flat rate per hour, no additional fees will apply.

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